Losing someone can be a difficult time for you and your family. There are so many things to do, including probating the assets within the estate, whether they died testate (with a will) or intestate (without a will). Let us take care of probating the estate for you. We will make the transition as easy as possible, providing you our legal expertise and guidance. We are here for you and will hold your hand through the entire process. Probate will be one less thing to distract you.


What is a Will?

(A Will is a document that states your final wishes, and allows a court to be able to carry out your final wishes. A will is used to: provide a guardian for children, decide how property distribution, as well as how expenses and taxes will be paid. You get to determine not only your beneficiaries but also the person who will distribute your assets, also known as a personal representative.

What is a Living Will?

A living will is a written, legal document that spells out medical treatments you would and would not want to be used to keep you alive, as well as other decisions such as pain management or organ donation, in the event you are unable to communicate it yourself. A Living will cease at death)


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